• JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Swift
  • (a little) Python
I've used JavaScript for most things like Discord bots and websites. Now, I mainly use TypeScript for anything JS related (nodejs, react etc.).
I'm also quite fluent in  Swift, building iOS and macOS apps, and am experimenting with server side Swift. I've already made quite a few iOS/macOS applications with Swift.


  • React/React native
  • Next.js
    • TRPC
    • Mantine UI
  • Prisma
  • Vue
  • SwiftUI
  • Docker/Docker Compose


  • Visual Studio Code
  • Xcode
This hopefully speaks for itself :) I use Xcode for everything apple related (Swift) and VScode for everything else.

Other computer stuff

  • macOS
  • Ubuntu (server)


  • Dutch (Mother tongue)
  • English (Secondary but ~fluent)
  • German (Secondary not quite fluent)
Dutch is my mother language as I'm Dutch, I've learned English mostly myself by watching youtube and English-language tv-shows. I've learned German mostly through school and German tv-shows.