Programming languages

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Swift

I’ve used javascript for most of my projects until now. I’ve also began learning Swift, because I wanted to try developing apps using SwiftUI. Swift’s types made me kind of addicted to intellisense, and I wanted to try TypeScript, which I immediately loved for its types and interfaces.


  • React
    • Next.js
    • CRA
    • Expo/React Native
  • Vue
  • SwiftUI


  • Visual Studio Code
  • XCode

I use VSCode for basically all programming I do, except for when I’m working with Swift. Then I use Xcode.

💻 Other computer stuff

  • macOS
  • Ubuntu (desktop/server)
  • Debian

I do all my programming on my macbook, and I’ve been using macs for a long time. I’m also using a Mac Mini running macOS as home server (home assistant, docker, jellyfin, dns, etc.). Ubuntu is nicer for running servers though… Beceause of that, i’m also running an ubuntu virtual machine on it for running things like my vpn.


  • Dutch (native)
  • English (secondary, fluent)
  • German (mostly listening as of now)

I was born in The Netherlands, so I speak Dutch natively. And I’ve learned a lot of English by speaking/interacting online, I’m basically fluent in English now. I learned German mostly through listening to my family speak with Limburgish dialect and by learning it at school. I’m not quite fluent in German though :).